All prices inclusive of heating and food



Payment of all boarding fees should be made at the time of collection, except in long term boarding where arrangements are made for the account to be settled monthly.


In the event of the owner returning before the end of the period for which a cat is booked, the full period is charged.


These prices are charged from the day of arrival. If the cats are picked up within the morning opening hours on the day of departure, there will be no charge for that day.


A deposit of 10% will be required on booking.


Cancellation must be advised as soon as possible prior to the expected stay. The deposit will be forfeited on cancellation and the client will be liable for the whole booking fee if cancellation is 7 days or less prior to the booking date.


Payment is by Cheque or Cash only as we do not have debit/credit card facilities at present but BACS can be arranged.
A  Spacious family unit is available for those larger families, please call to discuss details and costs.


We offer a Pick Up and Delivery service. Details and prices can be provided upon request.


Cat in a blanket

Number of Cats

Price per Day

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1 Cat £8.00 Booking form  
2 Cats £14.40  
3 Cats £21.60  
4 Cats £28.80  
5 or more poa